Book Reviews

My favorite type of books are romance! No not the cheesy romances you found as a kid at your grandmas. I love new romances especially paranormal.

I have unhealthy obsession with zombies. But I love the paranormal genre for some reason. I’ll be honest and tell you it’s hard to get me to steer clear of this but I have learned recently that paranormal period is good even if there is no romance.  It keeps me interested but I do love regular romance also.

I also will not rate a review under 4 stars! I have 2 ratings 5 stars for books I’d read again or if they have an incredible ending or 4 stars for books that were good but may not read again maybe they left me wanting more. I don’t believe in criticizing others work because it’s just my opinion if I don’t like it others might. My opinion shouldn’t make them not want to read it.

If you think you have a book that I’ll love which I am not picky just let me know!