Soy Curls *V *GF

Where in the world did these nuggets of delectable goodness come from?? I was browsing Amazon and there they were, they had rave reviews of how wonderful they are. So I said , “Come to my house let me try you!” Therefore I ordered them.

Since being vegan I tried everything to make food more awesome and add a little extra protein. I adored seitan, I’d throw some in a salad or make Philly “vegan” cheese steaks and oh my. Now I have recently realized that I have a gluten problem, I was never diagnosed with Celiac but google told me I had all the symptoms. 😉 So anyways seitan is off my list as things to eat, so what do I do now?

Well I’ll tell you what I did, I found these amazing replacements. They come dried out so all you need to do is re hydrate them, which I use veg broth or this super yummy broth I found it was called no chicken chicken broth that was also amazing. Once they are re hydrated use them in anything. Salads, soups, stir fry, anything. 

“Chicken” Stir Fry 

BBQ Pulled “Chicken” 

“Chicken” and Dumplings

Just make your regular recipe and just switch out for vegan and/or gluten free options and you have yourself a cruelty free meal.

This just for show but awesome does this look? BBQ Soy curls on a *GF Bun with *V Coleslaw and *V *GF macaroni and cheese.

Where do you buy these? So far I haven’t seen them at my grocery store but you might, I found them on Amazon though.

Or for a better deal!



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